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About Us

Our  Story & Mission

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Haley Twerdun

    Haley Marie Twerdun is dedicated to helping people lead a better life. She wants to teach her clients that the human brain has not developed as fast as the modern world, and this is why human beings perceive everything in a negative way. It's a natural reaction. Unfortunately, in turn, North American stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Why else would a 7-year-old have a panic attack? and why else would 27 suffer a burn out? These are the clients we help every single day. At Haley Marie Wellness, we help people train their thoughts to slow down. This is the only way to control the bodies automatic neurological response when it comes to stress and anxiety. Our studies at the University of Toronto are at the forefront of Mindfulness teachings in Canada

     Haley Marie Wellness also believe in bridging the gap between science and complimentary medicine. Not every physical problem or ailment is cut and dry. There are millions of people who suffer from chronic pain, syndromes, and disease. Our lifestyle and thought process have a lot to do a lot with our physical health. This is why Haley Marie Wellness also offers the ancient Japanese technique of Reiki. It is practiced every day in many Eastern world countries in collaboration with science. Specially to help promote healing and pain reduction. 


     Another way to lead a better life, is to choose quality foods and products that help you feel your best. These products are wholesome in nature and contain little or no additives. This is why she has also created a line of feel good, relaxation products.

     It's a lot of work, but with her combined expertise she is determined to help as many individuals as possible to their best possible life - Mind Body and Soul

     Enjoy the journey,

              Haley Marie xo

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