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The Silent Sugar Addiction

When I ask my clients if they eat sugar most of them say 'not really'. When we think of sugar we think of lollipops, gummies and candy bars. We don't necessarily think about white bread, spaghetti sauce, or rice.

The fact is that refined sugars are hidden everywhere: Sauces, creams, juices, yogurts... Pretty much anything that is not pure from the ground. It's especially hidden in pre-made or processed food. This is what keeps us coming back for more. When I decided to quit refined sugar, I to could not believe how much I was secretly eating.

After identifying the culprits I lost 10 lbs in one month. The best part is that I was eating less and not even hungry. Why?? Because being addicted to sugar is a biological disorder driven by hormones and neurotransmitters. I no longer had an addiction problem and my glucose levels were consistent. That means no more frivolous cravings.

Another amazing side affect of eliminating sugar from my diet was that food actually tasted better! I was amazed how enhanced the simplest of flavors had become. It was like I was tasting food for the very first time. I even started drinking my coffee black! Who knew that was even possible?

I highly recommend trying to make the transition to a sugar free lifestyle. You will feel amazing! Avoid cheating on the weekends or special occasions because the sugar addiction is very powerful. It will take days to undo the cravings of one tablespoon of sugar and cheat days will become the new norm.

Here are 8 steps from Dr. Mark Hyman to make the process easier.

1 - Eat Real Food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins. Processed, sugary goods are not real. They set the sage for sugar addiction and all its ugly consequences.

2 - Steady blood sugar levels by eating a nutritious breakfast. Have smaller more consistent meals throughout the day - Snack Attack!!

3 - Ditch processed sugar cold turkey... there is no other way! Sorry!

4 - Reduce stress. Increase mindfulness and deep breathing.

5 - Exercise smartly. The next time you crave something sweet go for a walk. Distract yourself with a healthy habit that raises endorphins.

6 - Determine if you have food sensitivities that may be inhibiting your digestion.

7 - Sleep Well. Lack of sleep increases sugary cravings.

8 - Consider supplements that cut sugar cravings like vitamin D and Omega 3.

The healthier you are the more you will live each day to the fullest. We are living longer, but with a higher rate of chronic disease and suffering. Be part proactive - you are the only one in control of your health.

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