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Reduce stress and improve your physical health

It's true. Stress can cause physical ailments. If you are lucky you will get a chronic illness that can be managed, but you can also get a bigger slap in the face with something more serious...

So the question is why don't we do more to help prevent disease by living better? I believe that stress is so overwhelming that people don't even know where to begin. Bills, work, kids, aging parents, school... Etc. Etc. The list of potential stressors in our life is enormous. The mountain simply looks to high. Unfortunately, the reality is that chronic stress and anxiety increases inflammation which can lead to serious illness. The challenge we face is decreasing stress so that we can relax our bodies and reduce inflammation.

This means incorporating little healthy habits into our daily routine. Start with 5 minutes of breath work every day, or maybe a walk at lunch. It depends what works for you, but once you find your release do it EVERY day. It's about lowering the daily burden which can't be accomplished once a week. It may seem like a lot, but just like you morning coffee, it will eventually become a routine.

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