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If you have been following my posts on social media you will have noticed that I often talk about the importance of breathing in relation to stress and anxiety. Learning how to breathe when you are nervous or stressed has become more and more popular, especially since Covid.

Controlled breathing has been addressed for centuries by Yoga Gurus, Monks, and other Meditative groups. Today, modern science has backed the claims about controlled breathing and its benefits. Doctors have even started to recommend Wellness Apps and Physio Therapy to help teach specific breathing techniques that can help you alleviate stress. How great is that! 💕

Whichever breathing technique you choose to practice is a step in the right direction. I seriously recommend however, consulting a physio therapist if you notice that you are physically having difficulty taking deep breaths. Why? Because breathing involves a lot of muscles that can be damaged by chronic stress, anxiety and depression. All of these disorders can all affect your muscular and nervous systems.

About 10 years ago I met the most amazing physio therapist in the world! Although I did not go to the clinic for breathing issues, Joseph (my therapist) found one😮. Unknowingly, my left diaphragm muscle had only been functioning at 10% capacity . That means I wasn't getting enough air in and out of my lungs. He believed that this was probably caused by my extreme stress and anxiety, which had already been diagnosed, and that I had been suffering from for several years.

As I started writing this article I thought of contacting my physio therapist, Joseph Kaldas from Physio Dynamik in Brossard, for some information. The universe must have heard me because I then got a newsletter from Physio Dynamik about stress and how it affects your breathing! The clinic has written 10 short articles on the body and its physical response to stress. Breathing and the respiratory system included! 🙌

I highly recommend reading all 10 articles as they are short and very informative. If you have ever suffered from any type of stress, anxiety or depression disorder you should definitely click on the link below! Enjoy!

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