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Do you Smudge...?

Smudging is an ancient ritual that is devoted to smoking out negative energies in any given space or room (work place, home etc...). Many cultures have different versions of burning incense, wood, or sage, to help purify the air and get rid of any unwanted lingering energy.

I like to sage my home in the spring along with my spring cleaning as a typical renewal of the summer season. I also like to sage when things just haven't been going right for a while. It's a way for me to "clear the air" or at least "neutralize it" and start fresh. Sage has been used by the Native Indians and Celts for centuries. It has a very intense smell and burns for long periods of time, so I make sure to burn it on a nice day.I outline the the doorways to prevent evil from entering each room and make sure I get the corners where darkness tends to hide. Sage is also known to kill air born bacteria, mold, and viruses, so even if you don't believe in energy it is a good way purify the air.

Recently, I discovered Palo Santo - a "holy wood" from South America that provides a softer smell when lit. It was used by the Inca's and is believed, not only to get rid of negative energy, but to attract positive vibes. It's oils were also used for reducing inflammation, and curing headaches. I like the intention of bringing positive energy into a space too, so that's another reason I like to use it. It has been so hard to find locally that I have started to sell it under my Haley Marie Wellness banner to give everyone the same opportunity to bring positive vibes into their space.

Other "cleansing" rituals are that from the church. Many faithful parishioners, bring priests into their home to be blessed before lent or before moving into a new home. This gets rid of any "evil spirits" or leftover obstacles left behind from past occupants. Incense is burned to purify the air and holy water is used for blessings and protection.

As you can see, the ties to smudging lie deeply rooted in many different cultures and can be applied in many different ways... I figure that there has got to be something there that works!! If you believe in smudging and if it makes you feel better then by not give it a shot.

You can find my Palo Santo sticks for sale online at or at the Spa itself. You can also contact me direct. 1 bundle of 3 sticks is $6 and 2 bundles are $10. If you have been stuck in a rut it's worth a try and if not... clean the air and reap the benefits anyway.

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