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Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Illness - A Holistic Approach

For years I struggled with my health questioning what was happening to my body. I was very young at the time and my test results were always coming back normal. I was grateful and confused all at the same time which gave my doctors the opportunity to dismiss my symptoms as physical stress caused by mental illness. So many people doubted my physical pain that I even began to question myself? Was I really was in pain?... Then I ended up hospitalized for over a week at the age of 22.

I suffered enormous amounts of pain for most of my life and which was constantly dismissed by the medical community. I was finally slapped with a label and taken seriously. I was given some band aid medicine and was told to be on my way. At 22 I didn't know what else to do, so I started seeking solutions to an incurable disease. (Not deadly, but incurable...) The more often I share my story the more often I heard that many other people with chronic illness or autoimmune disease had suffered the same fate. Years of looking for help, years of normal medical tests, years of running to specialists, years of self doubt, and personal isolation. Millions of people suffer everyday with these mystery illnesses that have different names all caused by inflammation.

Each of these chronic ailments cause severe inflammation in different parts of the body. Arthritis, Crones Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, PID and many, many, other ailments are severely painful, but manageable. How are they managed? Besides being pumped with cortisone, immuno-suppressants or other drugs with terrible side effects? With holistic and alternative healing.

The first important thing one must do to rid the body of inflammation is change your diet. Whole fruits and vegetables, grains, lentils... anything that is pure. Next we exercise. It doesn't need to be intense, just start moving. I'm not crazy about supplements or natural herbs, but some people swear by if so if that's your thing then go for it. After that find yourself a holistic healer like myself. Energy, Reiki, Osteopathy, Physio, Massage, Acupuncture... one of these professions is bound to ease your pain and diminish your inflammation. This holistic life path will do wonders on your mind, body and soul. If you work hard, your pain will slowly disappear and if your lucky, your scans and medical tests will start coming back normal. You will be able to reduce or even eliminate the need for serious drugs - all under the supervision of your medical doctor of course.

There is no one cure, no magic bullet to life. I truly believe that had I started with a holistic way of life as a child I would have avoided so much suffering. I strongly encourage you and your loved ones to take the path of least resistance and start living your life with a holistic approach to prevent disease from ravaging your body. Love your mind, love your body, love your soul, so that you never end up in my office looking for a cure, but simply showing up for preventative measures.

Stay healthy everyone xo

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